Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Jar's Beginner Painting Class @ Sprang-Capelle, the Netherlands

Hey everyone,

After quite some silence around here, mainly caused by study and some problems with my eyes, I can finally paint again since a week or two ago. And what a start it had!

Last weekend there was a painting class here in the Netherlands by Roman "jarhead" Lappat and assisted by Peter "Baphomet" Toth. It was an awesome weekend full of fun, happiness and painting!

Sadly enough I was to busy with painting, having fun and catching up my lost Saturday night to a waterpolo game, to actually make any photos. But (lucky me ^^), a lot of photos have been made by the other participants there.

A few examples: - Dims Galleries
Dees Paint Filled Hell Hole
Photos of the (almost) finished Daemonettes by Scenery Workshop

A big thank you to everyone there and especially to Roman and Peter for giving the class and Jurgen and Gert for organizing. :)

I can definitely recommend these classes to everyone from varying levels of painting and they would still learn a lot.

I'll soon post some pics of my now almost finished Daemonette :)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Friday, 4 October 2013

Hired Swords WiP #1


The last update; Malifaux!

Henchman; Viktoria of Blood

Master: Viktoria of Ashes

Elven Sorceress WiP #1

Hey everyone,

Second of the three posts for today.

Had a little fun with this old Elven Sorceress by the old line Spyglass and now owned by Heresy Miniatures. She's 54mm Resin.

Going for an almost complete blue color scheme, with her warm skintone and OSL being the major contrast points. :)

Little black & white primer sketch

First couple of coats of paint

Direction of OSL from top of staff

Ky-Ra WiP #5

Hey everyone

Couple of posts up today!

First is a little update on Ky-Ra :)

Friday, 30 August 2013

Ky-Ra WiP #4

Hey there!

More progress on Ky-Ra. Finished up the metallics, her hair and the two horns. Chose to do two different style horns as she's the Slayer of the Twin-Horned Dragon, or I just say she is. Whatever, I like it. ;)

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Ky-Ra WiP #3

A little more progress on her, slowly she's getting 'kissed by fire' ;)

Happy with the progress I'm making :)