Monday, 25 March 2013

On the WorkBench #2: Sumothay, Prior Warrior

Hello everyone! Another edition of On the WorkBench! 

This time we will be talking about "Sumothay, Prior Warrior" a 54mm scale miniature by Raúl Garcia Latorre. The owner of the company Enigma Miniatures from Spain.

I bought this mini second hand along with Horthak from Rafael García Marín, also known as Volomir(check out his blog at the left!) This will be my first time painting a 54 mm miniature.

I forgot to take some photos of the mini in the blister and un-prepped, so here are the first photos, primed and well:

The mini came with a few casting failures, mould lines and flash. But nothing major, although with his banner there were two of the left flag, but I won't be using it in clear view so that doesn't really matter.

As you can see above I used the banners on the ground along with some rubble sculpted with Milliput excess I had left from prepping other minis and bases and normal garden soil.

Like I said before this will be my first time painting a 54 mm and damn these are big in comparison with what I'm familiar with! And heavy this metal giant is! Now I understand Rafa's concerns about the postage ;)

A scale comparison between the 54 mm Sumothay and GW's 28 mm Sigvald(still WIP, but got bored on him):

I've started slapping on some basecolours on him. It's quite a hard mini to really determine a colourscheme on, due to all those different clothes and armour he wears being a wandering warrior like Aragorn from the Lord of the Rings. 

I think it will be a fun challenge! I'll probably be using a lot of different tones of brown and green and a couple of yellows.

These last two photos show a bit the idea I have behind this figure and base, like he's standing at the edge of the remains of a battlefield, gazing into the distance.

See ya around and keep painting! :)

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Savage Orc Big Boss WIP Part 6

Small update on the Orc, reached the last phases. Although still got quite some clean up work to do with oils. I will probably have this piece finished next sunday.

Some photo's now, pretty bad. I'm sorry for that. Can't take better pics right now.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Savage Orc Big Boss WIP Part 5

Some more base work, actually finished this a week ago but have been quite busy with other stuff and forgot to upload it. Tonight, tomorrow and this weekend there will be some more painting. I hope to have finished the figure for about 90~95% by then.

Now! Photo's!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

On the WorkBench #1: Steampunk Alice

Hi everyone!

From now on I will do an introduction to every model I buy or receive on this blog. The series will be called: "On the WorkBench" as you could see in the title of this post.

The first edition will be about an amazing limited edition figurine from the talented Sebastian Archer's company Guild of Harmony: Steampunk Alice and her Clockwork Rabbit.

He got the 3rd place overall at last year's Crystal Brush with this piece!
This miniature is limited to 400 castings and I received the 160th cast.

Alice was carefully packed in a padded envelope and within that surrounded by bubble wrapping. Everything arrived intact and within 1 week after shipping to my pleasure!

The resin cast was the best I have seen so far! Such an amount of detail on so small a figure.

After removing the mould lines and cleaning up most of the areas on the miniature, I took some more photos.

Happy to have such an amazing figure!

The colour scheme I'm going to use on her won't be that much different from the one Sebastian used on his original sculpt, since in my opinion it's one that's very fitting for the figure and I like it really much.

Mine will be something like this:

See you around!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Savage Orc Big Boss WIP Part 4

Hi guys,

Fourth part of my Savage Orc, made some progress on the base and the figure itself but for now only the base will be shown. Tonight I will continue on the figure and will post some pics then.

For now I mainly have question to ask: When you see this base, in what kind of area do you think you are located?

And So I Watch You From Afar - 7 Billion People all Alive at Once

Post-Rock, as always with the strange names ;)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Savage Orc Big Boss WIP Part 3

Hi everyone!

Started on his face, oils are finished for now. Will put on a matt sealer friday so I can start on more acrylic work this weekend.

Contrast is a bit more in real life, photo's are a bit washed out.

Did some work on the contrast on his legs and stomach, looking much sharper ;)

Also put on some leaves and primed the base and gave it a first rough rubbing with colour, not much there to see:

See ya all!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Infected Mushroom - Send Me an Angel

Cool song by Infected Mushroom, it's a remix/cover of an Israeli-an artist by an Israeli-an artist ;)

Savage Orc Big Boss WIP Part 2

I've not sat still the past week! I finished the basic tones for the skin of the Big Boss and will soon start painting his face with acrylics and oils after that.

Today I also started working on the base. The figure itself will be mounted on a gaming base, which will be inserted in a bigger display base. Time for photo's!

I first cut off a bit of the corner of the plinth before burning the edge. Again Massive Voodoo contributed the idea ;) It's going to be the edge of a forest/jungle like look with a rocky edge which will be under water. You'll see ;)

Clearly see the gaming base insertion here:

Showing some of the painting I did on the stomach, hard to show that without correct lighting.

The legs:

His right arm and chest:

Bit more on the legs and stomach:

Hope you'll like it ;)