Sunday, 28 April 2013

Goliath WIP #2

Hi everyone!

I haven't painted much last week, as I was busy with my first try at sculpting a figure on my own(crap that's hard to do man!) I won't post any photos or updates on it since it will be a present for my girlfriend and I want to keep it a secret from her what it will be(come). ;)

But today I decided it was some painting time! So here is a update on Goliath, the Collector.

Most of the skin is finished for I'd say around 90% except his right arm(as seen above). It needs a bit more hightlights to put that contrast up a notch as you can see on the photos below when you compare it to the rest of the painted areas.

I'm painting this model for an online competition and painting it is a lot of fun and I'm really happy I bought it. :)

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Fang 2013 + Goliath WIP #1

Hi everyone!

Yesterday were the finals of the Fang, although I did place in the end for the finals, my Orc did not finish top 3. I had expected this, so no big deal. Don't forget I haven't been painting for that long yet. ;) All in all, it was a great day and I had lots of fun! Also tried my first 'speed painting', there was a small competition where you could only use four colours of your own choice + white, but I did not finish the Chaos Champion of Nurgle I started on. Pretty fun to try NMM on him and try to have good blends in less then an hour xD

Now on to Goliath!
I've tried to put more contrast on him as that was the main criticism on my Savage Orc. 

Eager to hear some comments and feedback on him!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

On The WorkBench #3: "Goliath and Jezabel"

Hi everyone!

Another On the WorkBench for you and this time we will be talking about Goliath and Jezabel by the French sculptor Stephane Simon(Blog) these are from his personal range and look really great!

Jezabel couldn't stand on her own :(
The models were shipped to me within a day of paying and arrived 4 days later, they came almost fully cleaned and only required a little assembly. The cast quality is really good and even the minor fails in casting were already corrected by Stephane with Green Stuff, that's customer service GW, not the shitty finecast you're throwing at us! ;)

Goliath stands almost 52mm tall up to the top of the dead heads, scale is around 32mm I think, he is a big guy.

I'll be trying to do some nice gory TMM for Goliath since the model almost screams for blood and dirt ;)

As you can see here even the tiniest of lines and details are crystal sharp.

Not much to say really, just as amazing a cast as Goliath. She's only a bit fragile but that's logical. She stands 40mm to the top of the horns, 32mm scale again.


I'm happy I bought these and I'm sure I will love painting these ;) Thanks Stephane!

Activate! About Malifaux and more

Hi everyone!

I've been quiet on my blog, but that doesn't mean I've done nothing in miniature land. ;)

First, my Savage Orc did not qualify for the finals in the Fang! :( Ahh, poor guy! And he was so enthusiastic with the jumping in the water!

Second, I've started playing a skirmish miniature game with my local gaming club. It's called Malifaux and it's amazing! :D I even won my first game last Monday ;) I will post some stuff, photos etc. about the miniatures and a short explanation of how the game works below.

Third, I received a 'few' minis last month but have only done a "On the WorkBench" about Steampunk Alice and Sumothay. I will post the next one later tonight and will keep them coming the next week.

NOW! On to Malifaux!


Malifaux is a skirmish type tabletop miniature game developed by Wyrd Miniatures and set in a fictional city called Malifaux on an alternate Earth.
The style of the miniatures is Steampunk Victorian horror, with a couple of western like models.

There are currently 6 different types of factions: The Guild, The Arcanists, The Resurrectionists, The Neverborn, The Ten Thunders and The Outcasts.

Each of the factions has a couple of Masters with corresponding crews and minions.
For details on the different factions and masters check Wyrd's website about Malifaux.

I took Perdita Ortega from the Guild and Ramos from the Arcanists as my first Masters. I chose them because I liked the models and the play style they had.

Some photo's of the minis: 

Ramos and his Steampunk Cyborg

Ramos himself

Onto Perdita's crew:

Santiago Ortega, brother of Perdita

Nino Ortega, cousin

Papa Loco, Perdita's father who's gone mad
Francisco I already painted for a bit, I tried to do him really fast but in the end failed the deadline, still too slow, as I always am ;)

Francisco, the older brother of Perdita
Perdita I just started on her top, I'm trying to freehand a striped blouse on her. Hope you like it! Skin is almost finished.

The two crews, Ramos still misses his Steampunk Arachnids, I didn't assemble them yet.

That's it for now! Later tonight I will post a "On the WorkBench" for the minis I received from a french sculptor Simon Stephane.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Maybeshewill - Sing The Word Hope in Four Part Harmony(album)

An amazing album to listen to while painting. Actually, Maybeshewill is always amazing. ;)

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Savage Orc Big Boss: Finished 2.0!

Hi all!

Looking good huh? Ah well, at least better ;) Tried my best at making better photos than last time and learning how to edit photos on the Mac and I think I managed it! Uploaded the collage to my CMoN gallery and hope it will soon be possible to see it publicly.

Now onto the better photos:

The CoolMiniOrNot Collage:

Don't forget to rate! You can go to my CMoN gallery by clicking on Gallery at the Top Menu Bar.


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Savage Orc Big Boss: Finished!

EDIT!: You can view better photos here:

One of my first experiences and will keep this online just to look back and see what you learn from mistakes.

Original Post:

Hello everyone!

The Savage Orc Big Boss is finished, earlier then I expected to be honest. I thought I would finish it at the end of this week, but oh well. Sometimes you just have to say "I'm done" and stop trying to get rid of every possible imperfection as you will probably only make it worse

Overall this piece was a big learning process for me. First try with Oils, what an amazing experience that was! Although you do need to put the windows open, even in this cold, otherwise headaches are to be taken for granted with the turpentine ;)

I also learned the hard way I need to let the Oils dry in a environment that is as dust free as possible, if you look close enough you'll see the dust particles and the hairs from my cats on the piece.

I'll be making a collage which I'll upload to my CoolMiniOrNot gallery Friday, since it's something I still need to figure out how to create on my new Mac.

Time for some photos!