Sunday, 7 October 2012

Break the Silence

Hi all! I'm back!

...Or at least I'll start making some posts again. In two months there is a deadline for a Online painting competition from a Dutch forum( where you can enter 3 pieces, doesn't matter what scale, style(historical, fantasy etc.) or display/gaming piece it is, just enter and have fun ;)

I'll be entering with three pieces, namely an Eldar Wraithlord, my previously posted here High Elf Mage Teclis and Eowyn from the Lord of the Rings range. I'll try to make an WIP update every Sunday.

Hope any of you guys will stay tuned!

See ya!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Sewers of Berlin

Hi all!

My second post today ;) Kinda to make up for the promise I broke yesterday :) Tonight I'll continue to paint a bit more for this project and I'll update then too. :)

Well, the start:

Building the walls ;)
Drawing tiles with a pencil

 Couple of days ago I started with a new project called: "The Sewers of Berlin".

It will be a mini diorama where a Skaven Plague Priest is scampering around together with a couple of little rats in a sewer with graffiti on the wall. I build it with Styrodur foam, plasticard and a couple of rats from the HPA kit and bits from the Screaming Bell kit.

The finished diorama
Another pic :)
 The current status of this project:
  • Primed the whole thing;
  • Painted the robe of the priest.

Primed! :D

Another viewing angle

iPhone pics never do justice... :S
The colour scheme of the Priest will be fairly simple, green robe, white/brownish cloak thingy, the skin and all his buboes.

The real painting will be in the OSL of the lamp hanging from the wall, the warpstone staff and the censer. And painting a graffiti freehand on the wall ;)

See you next time!


Comments about the Golden Demon

Hi all!

Already broke my first promise on this blog! Damn those girlfriends ;)

Anyways: I would first like to make a comment on a thing I happen to read quite often:

"You're better off not entering with that piece! It doesn't have the same style GW miniatures use!"
"It doesn't even look like a regiment anymore, why would you even try?"
"Squabble", painted by Victoria Lamb

Does that look like a regiment? Nah.. Did it win Gold in the Fantasy Regiment category? Yes! It did!

So why follow these rules so strict? Why not just have fun? Convert, build, paint and afterwards you can always alter things that little bit if it stumbles over the edge of the cliff called "Rules of Games Workshop".

I would like to request people to keep this post in mind when reading my blog. As I will always do what I like and I will always have the most fun that way!

Thanks for reading :)


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Welcome! :)

Ah! Welcome :)

I hope this will be the first of many blog posts and uhh.. I hope you guys like it :P

(P.S.: Later this day I'll post pictures of my current projects, but first gotta study for exams ;))