Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Ky-Ra WiP #1

Time for some titties!

Ok, easy now. It's just that I started on the biggest part of the mini ;)

I started with resculpting the sides and under part of her breasts as I didn't like those. They looked like they were more like glued on top than an actual part of the mini at those places.

Afterwards it was time for her hair and filling up the gap between her head and neck and the shoulder-armor part:

Basecoating the skin:

First couple of highlights and shadows:

A little more work on lights and shadows, blending to the max!

These last photos are slightly warm in whitebalance, because of having to stick with my iPhone as a camera and not the my better DSLR Canon.

Have fun and keep on painting!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

On the WorkBench #4: Ky-Ra by Kabuki Models

Hello everyone!

A new "On the WorkBench" for you today. To be honest I have received more minis in between and for some of them I intend to still do an "On the WorkBench".

My current "built-but-not-yet-WIP" glass cabinet ;)

Fear not, they will be seen here someday when painted or in progress ;)


Today I'll be talking about Kabuki Models their first ever 1/6 scale bust called Ky-Ra. Based off an older model of theirs.

The older 54mm "Big Sister" Ky-Ra by Kabuki

Ky-Ra came in a strong cardboard box surrounded with the usual blister foam, well and strong enough packaged.

All the parts in the box

The quality of the sculpt is very high, but the amount of flash and mould lines was a little disappointing, I had expected it to be less. I don't know if this is normal for such large scale models since this is my first bigger then a 54mm. Luckily enough it was easy to clean up and after assembly there was only a small gap between her head and neck and the armoured pad and shoulder. Easily filled with a little Milliput juice.

Even though her boobs are a little bit "porn"(in terms of shape and size), it was to be expected as she's a pin-up girl from Kabuki Models, in the end I really like her character and I think she will be a true joy to paint!

All assembled except for her sword, easier to paint that way

CSM for a little scale comparison
All in all I think it's a lovely model and I will very much like this venture in bigger sizes. The bust can be bought again in September, as its sold out for now.

See you again!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Chaos Space Marine -- WiP #1

Hey everyone!

Small post today showing some wip photos of the mini i'm currently painting.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

My first sculpture: Rick Grimes

Hello everyone!

Finally I'm showing my first bust and sculpture. Got some hiccups and slowdowns because sometimes motivation lacked due to mistakes I made with sculpting, smoothing it more and be less impatient ;), but I shouldn't be too hard on myself. For the first time it looks pretty good!

It was made as a present for my girlfriend over the course of about a month, not continually working on it as I'm painting (and sculpting one!) various minis right now.

Rick Grimes

...(sculpting process)... -no batteries for the camera yet, will be added later on!-

I first started to paint the skin, I'm sorry I didn't make many photos during this process because of working on it for only a short time a day spread about 2 weeks.

Now the finished bust:

This mini will also participate in the online competition here in the Netherlands.

Hope you all like it and curious for some feedback!

"Where there is Death, there is Life" -- Goliath finished!

Hi everyone,

Not many posts here lately due to work and real life, but I did managed to finish two minis for an online painting competition here in the Netherlands.

The first I will show you is Goliath, a piece called "Where there is Death, there is Life".
I tried to create a contrast between the dark and Death(or Grim Reaper-esque) desaturated feeling Goliath emitted and a lively surrounding created by the vegetation on the ruins and more saturated colors.

First time creating a socket label ;)

I hope you like him!