Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Activate! About Malifaux and more

Hi everyone!

I've been quiet on my blog, but that doesn't mean I've done nothing in miniature land. ;)

First, my Savage Orc did not qualify for the finals in the Fang! :( Ahh, poor guy! And he was so enthusiastic with the jumping in the water!

Second, I've started playing a skirmish miniature game with my local gaming club. It's called Malifaux and it's amazing! :D I even won my first game last Monday ;) I will post some stuff, photos etc. about the miniatures and a short explanation of how the game works below.

Third, I received a 'few' minis last month but have only done a "On the WorkBench" about Steampunk Alice and Sumothay. I will post the next one later tonight and will keep them coming the next week.

NOW! On to Malifaux!


Malifaux is a skirmish type tabletop miniature game developed by Wyrd Miniatures and set in a fictional city called Malifaux on an alternate Earth.
The style of the miniatures is Steampunk Victorian horror, with a couple of western like models.

There are currently 6 different types of factions: The Guild, The Arcanists, The Resurrectionists, The Neverborn, The Ten Thunders and The Outcasts.

Each of the factions has a couple of Masters with corresponding crews and minions.
For details on the different factions and masters check Wyrd's website about Malifaux.

I took Perdita Ortega from the Guild and Ramos from the Arcanists as my first Masters. I chose them because I liked the models and the play style they had.

Some photo's of the minis: 

Ramos and his Steampunk Cyborg

Ramos himself

Onto Perdita's crew:

Santiago Ortega, brother of Perdita

Nino Ortega, cousin

Papa Loco, Perdita's father who's gone mad
Francisco I already painted for a bit, I tried to do him really fast but in the end failed the deadline, still too slow, as I always am ;)

Francisco, the older brother of Perdita
Perdita I just started on her top, I'm trying to freehand a striped blouse on her. Hope you like it! Skin is almost finished.

The two crews, Ramos still misses his Steampunk Arachnids, I didn't assemble them yet.

That's it for now! Later tonight I will post a "On the WorkBench" for the minis I received from a french sculptor Simon Stephane.

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