Sunday, 3 March 2013

Savage Orc Big Boss WIP Part 2

I've not sat still the past week! I finished the basic tones for the skin of the Big Boss and will soon start painting his face with acrylics and oils after that.

Today I also started working on the base. The figure itself will be mounted on a gaming base, which will be inserted in a bigger display base. Time for photo's!

I first cut off a bit of the corner of the plinth before burning the edge. Again Massive Voodoo contributed the idea ;) It's going to be the edge of a forest/jungle like look with a rocky edge which will be under water. You'll see ;)

Clearly see the gaming base insertion here:

Showing some of the painting I did on the stomach, hard to show that without correct lighting.

The legs:

His right arm and chest:

Bit more on the legs and stomach:

Hope you'll like it ;)

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