Sunday, 7 July 2013

My first sculpture: Rick Grimes

Hello everyone!

Finally I'm showing my first bust and sculpture. Got some hiccups and slowdowns because sometimes motivation lacked due to mistakes I made with sculpting, smoothing it more and be less impatient ;), but I shouldn't be too hard on myself. For the first time it looks pretty good!

It was made as a present for my girlfriend over the course of about a month, not continually working on it as I'm painting (and sculpting one!) various minis right now.

Rick Grimes

...(sculpting process)... -no batteries for the camera yet, will be added later on!-

I first started to paint the skin, I'm sorry I didn't make many photos during this process because of working on it for only a short time a day spread about 2 weeks.

Now the finished bust:

This mini will also participate in the online competition here in the Netherlands.

Hope you all like it and curious for some feedback!

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