Monday, 1 April 2013

Savage Orc Big Boss WIP Part 7

Hi folks!

Time for another update on my Savage Orc Big Boss. The progress on him is hard to see in the pictures but in real life there is quite a difference in terms of how 'clean' his skin and other parts on the model are.

I'm painting with oils again, as you could probably see with the sheen on his skin compared to other parts of the model.

Some shots up close:

As you can see in the next pictures, the model does miss a good focal point. The whole model is a mix of midtone greys and needs a focal point to 'pop out' . I'm going to highlight his face a bit different to the rest so in the final piece it will look great(I hope!)

Next up is the base, not much done only slight colour variations and actually just better pics in comparison with the last update on the base.

The deadline is closing in as Saturday the 13th of april the preliminary rounds of The Fang will be held. I'll have the model finished for sure by then!

See you!

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