Saturday, 6 April 2013

Savage Orc Big Boss: Finished 2.0!

Hi all!

Looking good huh? Ah well, at least better ;) Tried my best at making better photos than last time and learning how to edit photos on the Mac and I think I managed it! Uploaded the collage to my CMoN gallery and hope it will soon be possible to see it publicly.

Now onto the better photos:

The CoolMiniOrNot Collage:

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  1. Hee ziet er goed uit - stevige competitie dus weer dit jaar! Ik vind je display bases echt vet. Misschien op de Fang finale maar eens wat van ideeen wisselen? gr. Pascal

    1. Hey bedankt! Ik hoop dat dat 'm wordt, is alleen maar leuker toch ;) Maar ik neem aan dat ik in ieder geval wel door naar de finale ben, dus dan ideeen wisselen vind ik prima ;)

  2. It looks nice :) I particularly like the axe.

    The work in the base is really good.

    I would say the face and the handle of the axe could use a bit more of definition/highlights, but it is a nice mini.