Wednesday, 17 April 2013

On The WorkBench #3: "Goliath and Jezabel"

Hi everyone!

Another On the WorkBench for you and this time we will be talking about Goliath and Jezabel by the French sculptor Stephane Simon(Blog) these are from his personal range and look really great!

Jezabel couldn't stand on her own :(
The models were shipped to me within a day of paying and arrived 4 days later, they came almost fully cleaned and only required a little assembly. The cast quality is really good and even the minor fails in casting were already corrected by Stephane with Green Stuff, that's customer service GW, not the shitty finecast you're throwing at us! ;)

Goliath stands almost 52mm tall up to the top of the dead heads, scale is around 32mm I think, he is a big guy.

I'll be trying to do some nice gory TMM for Goliath since the model almost screams for blood and dirt ;)

As you can see here even the tiniest of lines and details are crystal sharp.

Not much to say really, just as amazing a cast as Goliath. She's only a bit fragile but that's logical. She stands 40mm to the top of the horns, 32mm scale again.


I'm happy I bought these and I'm sure I will love painting these ;) Thanks Stephane!

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