Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Fang 2013 + Goliath WIP #1

Hi everyone!

Yesterday were the finals of the Fang, although I did place in the end for the finals, my Orc did not finish top 3. I had expected this, so no big deal. Don't forget I haven't been painting for that long yet. ;) All in all, it was a great day and I had lots of fun! Also tried my first 'speed painting', there was a small competition where you could only use four colours of your own choice + white, but I did not finish the Chaos Champion of Nurgle I started on. Pretty fun to try NMM on him and try to have good blends in less then an hour xD

Now on to Goliath!
I've tried to put more contrast on him as that was the main criticism on my Savage Orc. 

Eager to hear some comments and feedback on him!


  1. Start the shading much more higher up on each surface! Really! God luck, and great going already!

    1. I'll keep that in mind, any particular surface where it's clear that I put the shadow too low? Thanks!

  2. i will follow the evolution of your paint!